About Dr. Sydney

Meet the author of


The Complete Guide to Gum Disease

Periodontist and Journalist Dr. Sheldon Dov Sydney

Dr. Sheldon Dov Sydney has been a practicing gum specialist (periodontist) and educator for over thirty-five years. He is Certified by the American Board of Periodontology and Clinical Associate Professor of Periodontics at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.


Dr. Sydney is former Chief Resident at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia and President of The Maryland Association of Periodontists. He is also one of the first periodontists in the world to lead a hospital-based department devoted to the relationship between periodontal disease and general body health.

In addition to authoring four editions of Ignore Your Teeth And They’ll Go Away, The Complete Guide to Gum Disease, Dr. Sydney’s original scientific articles have been published in the profession’s leading periodicals, he is editor of international dental journals, and  a three-time recipient of dentistry’s most admired journalism award.

Dr. Sydney has lectured to colleagues and students at scientific congresses in more than 20 countries.  He has also published and served as Editor of magazines and newspapers for the public.

His contributions to dentistry have earned him fellowships in the profession’s esteemed  honor societies including both the American and the International Colleges of Dentists.